Why I won't say I love myself

Loving yourself

 Just like a butterfly, we can grow and transform ourselves into something more beautiful than before.

"Love yourself"

Something most certainly, easier said than done. I'm sure you've noticed the vast amount of content lately aimed at loving yourself. From articles to Youtube videos, blogposts and Instagram pictures, loving yourself has become sort of a movement and what I'd describe as a "trendy issue".

I think it's amazing that this is an issue being more and more talked about and something people are trying to change but through social media, the easiness of sharing these issues can sometimes degrade the issue itself. It's easy to appear as though we are facing it when really we're just masking the real problem.

I keep seeing people confessing that they've learnt to love themselves. They have learnt to accept everything that they are, and love it. Sometimes these words feel empty to me, that the words they're saying are just that, words. I keep getting told to "love myself" and the importance of it and the happiness it can bring me. I'm being told to accept who I am, to accept what I don't like and just learn to love it. But then aren't I just covering the issue up and kidding myself? I don't believe loving yourself is something that you should have to learn or try hard to do. I think it's something that will come naturally once you start changing the things that you don't like into something that you do.

Having confidence and truly loving yourself is amazing. It's a huge achievement to fully accept who you are, especially in today's society.

However, I almost feel pressured into having to accept all the things I don't like about myself. In a previous post 'Becoming you' I wrote all about finding yourself and the importance of change in order to develop into the person you want to be and will love. I'd rather work towards self improvement than mask my issues with a couple of empowering quotes and a "confident" Instagram selfie. Life is about discovery. I don't want to settle and force myself into being happy with who I am right now. I want to grow and expand as a person, I want to be healthier for both my mind and body. I want to actually be able to mean it when I say "I love myself" and not just say the words to create this visage of positivity and self love, when deep down I know it's not true. I will work towards becoming the type of person I want to be, and that I will love.

One day I hope to say "I love myself" and truly mean every word. But right now I don't, so I'm not going to say it.

What I will say is I'm taking steps to better myself and steps towards being a happier person. I'm learning to accept who I am. I'm addressing my flaws and learning to love them, knowing what I'm good at and loving that more, more importantly knowing what I want to change and doing it.

It's a journey. I don't want to jump on the self love bandwagon and preach that I love myself. I don't want to speak words, I want to mean them. This is a journey for myself and I know it will take time. I want to truly come to love myself, and that's why I won't say I love myself.

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It's okay not to be okay

how to deal with stress and anxiety
                       Illustration by myself

It's okay not to be okay.

Life can be amazing. We live on a beautiful planet that offers so much but sometimes everyday life can take over and lead to us feeling down and unhappy.

As emotional beings it's only natural that we're not happy 24/7. Life throws stuff at us all the time, and it most certainly doesn't always go to plan. I feel as though a lot of people believe they're expected to just 'get on with it' and that admitting you're not okay is a sign of weakness, but it really isn't. Ignoring our feelings and letting them build up can cause them to resurface in other ways, such as a lack of motivation or feeling unproductive.

It's unfortunate that we live in a society that doesn't really like to deal with anything except positivity and happiness. This can make us feel lonely when we feel anything but that, almost as if we're doing something wrong. We can feel lonely in world full of people, in a room surrounded by people. It's a loneliness from deep inside. A part of us that's never really touched because we're too afraid to talk about what matters. We live in a society that is so used to filtering out the bad stuff, putting on a smile and saying "I'm fine". We've been made to believe this is what we have to do to live a happy, easy breezy life. But isn't this just faking it?. We think pushing all the bad stuff out of our minds, ignoring pain, ignoring sadness will lead to happiness. But when we're feeling shitty no amount of positive Pinterest quotes are going to help.

We like to drown out our issues with the sugar coated lives of celebrities. We'd rather obsess over what Kylie Jenner puts on her lips than talk about how we are feeling or speak about real issues. This can lead to us feeling like we're living an unfulfilled life, one where we're just 'getting by'. It's become the norm to give off this visage of a perfect life. So much so, we'd rather put more energy into appearing to live perfectly happy lives than actually living a happy life.

Addressing our issues and overcoming them isn't always the easiest option.

However, through acceptance we can be happy. Speaking about our issues, addressing them and understanding them will lead to clarity rather than a built up parasite of repressed feelings. Through accepting it we can learn to face it, move on from it and grow because of it.

It's a lot stronger to confront our issues rather than shut them out. It's healthier to be completely ourselves instead of repressing certain feelings and emotions. In life we're not really taught how to deal with our emotions,  especially difficult ones. Instead we are made to believe it's normal to drown them out which makes it so easy to push that self destruction button. We can end up turning to external things for help that we should really be avoiding, but we can overcome that. The worst thing is, a lot of people go through times were they're not feeling okay, but don't talk about it and instead just ignore it.

It's okay not to be okay. If you're feeling rubbish turn to a friend, partner or your family and just speak to them. If you'd rather deal with things on your own then write your thoughts and feelings down. This can really help in clearing up your mind and helping you understand what it is that you're feeling and how you can work through it. Once you accept it's okay not to be okay, you might feel just a little bit more okay.

Have a read of my Becoming you post for some more mediocre life advice from myself.

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New York: Day 3/4

It's been two months now since I got back from New York and finally I'm writing about my last days there. It actually rained the final two days of my trip so they weren't as exciting as the previous days. Walking around in the rain makes it hard to take in the surroundings when having to profusely blink the water out my eyes, so on the third day we ended up sat in a bar at 2pm drinking cocktails. We waited for the rain to stop. It didn't. But that was okay because the cocktails where good and I made it quite far down their menu.

The morning was a little brighter though and after managing a good quarter of my pancake stack at Bubbys Highline we headed to a pet shop that was filled with puppies. Now let me start by saying I've never had a dog nor have I ever played with a real life puppy, so for me this was the equivalent of going to Disneyland or someplace as equally exciting.

After hovering around the shop for a good 45 minutes someone finally asked if I'd like to play with one. At that point I was reaching levels of excitement I didn't know existed. When they placed that baby Frenchie on my lap I fell in love straight away and although they shipped to England I just didn't have $5000 on me at that time. So after a lot of cuddles and tummy tickles I gave him back.

On our final day we went to the American history museum, which we had saved for the last day as we knew it would be raining. The museum itself is free but we paid to go to all the exhibitions which were all so interesting, especially the space one. It's so big you could spend hours walking around it and getting lost, which we did. I tried to linger around the gift shops towards the end of the day in the hopes we might "accidentally" miss our flight and have to stay another night. We made it to the airport on time though and slept the whole way home. Accept for when the food came.

It was definitely the most exciting trip of my life and I wish I was going again. Hopefully one day soon!

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Nice to meet you

I noticed, that I hadn't really introduced myself or my blog. So I thought it would be nice to write a post on who I am and what my blog is about. I'm always very mentally active late at night. I seem to go off on a rant in my head and begin filling up the notes section of my phone. It's that stuff that I like to write about. Things that are actually on mind, that I'm genuinely interested in and thinking about. So sometimes my posts might seem a little rambly or not really about anything at all, but that's because I'm just writing what I'm thinking about.

In real life we don't have time to go back and edit our conversations or make ourselves sound smarter or more interesting. We just talk. That's why I try and keep my posts simple. No fancy words. Just talk. I want it to feel like a real conversation. I want it to feel like I'm just talking to you because I am, just talking to you. Like I would a friend.

I'm not blogging to appeal to the masses, I've tried that. I want to blog about my own opinions and thoughts, whilst trying carefully not to offend anyone (is that even possible these days?). Hopefully along the way I will find like minded people who share the same interests and ideas. People who are interested in reading what I wrote and want to share their thoughts with me too.

I used to write a beauty blog and honestly found it so boring. I wasn't blogging for me, I was blogging what I knew would appeal to most people but finding more than 20 words to describe my nail varnish was bloody hard. Although I do enjoy beauty and fashion I just didn't care enough to write about it.

Over the years I've become a lot less materialistic. I'd rather watch a Ted video than a makeup tutorial. I'd rather educate myself on real issues, understand the world around me instead of knowing the contents of someones bag.

I love coming across people today who have their own opinion and who view the world as an individual as opposed to conforming with everybody else. This is sort of what I want my blog to be about. A way to document my thoughts and experiences, a way to share what I learn and hopefully better myself along the way.

Welcome to my blog.

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New York: Day 2

Day two in New York was a little more chilled. We were so tired from the day before so decided to take this day a little slower and just enjoy exploring. After grabbing an oversized donut and coffee we headed towards the Rockerfeller centre. I spotted a Magnolia's bakery on the way and of course went in to have a "look". I left with two cupcakes and a lemon bar. 

Crammed in a lift, we rocketed to the top of the Rock. Spending our morning absorbing the sun and the incredible panoramic views that welcomed us at the top. It was pretty quiet when we were there so it was a great photo opportunity (I was due a new profile picture).

From here we made our way towards Central park, stopping for some french toast at Sarah Beth's. I think this was my third breakfast of the day? To be honest there was too much of it. I think the reason food is so expensive in New York is because every meal is enough to feed the 5,000.

As it had only been a week since their snow storm, we took advantage of it being such a sunny and reasonably warm day, spending hours strolling around the park. We kept coming across massive mounds of snow left from the storm, which led to many snow fights.

Being from Liverpool, we wanted to see the John Lennon memorial. This area of the park had an amazing atmosphere. People sat and watched whilst buskers played Beatles songs on their guitars, all joining in when we knew the words. It was a bit of home away from home. The park was so peaceful and it made for a lovely break away from the city streets. It is here that I also enjoyed my first ever Red Velvet cupcake that I had been saving all day.

As it started getting late, we hailed a taxi and went back to our hotel. We took a very long nap and decided to stay in for the rest of the night. We must of been tired as we made a mutual decision not to go out for food, and pretty much fell right back to sleep.

If you'd like to see more pictures from my trip come say hi over on Instagram.

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New York: Day 1

I can't believe it's been a month since I've been to New York. Cries. I love cities and New York has been at the top of my bucket list for a long time. As I turned 21 in February I thought this trip would be an amazing way to celebrate and remember my birthday. So on the 20th of February me and David set off on our 8 hour flight to the Big Apple. We flew to New York with Delta Airlines who were amazing. I'd highly recommend this airline if you're ever travelling to America. The staff were lovely and there were hundreds of films and TV shows to keep us entertained—we even got upgraded on the way back which made us feel very important.

It was the first time either of us had ever visited New York and we loved it so much! We decided to stay on Times Square in The Row Hotel as I love being in the hustle and bustle of it all.  The day we arrived was a Saturday, so naturally everywhere was heaving. The whole place had this insane atmosphere; there's literally nothing like Times Square.

As we had arrived quite late we spent the rest of the day mooching around Times Square, I slipped in and out of a few shops and we watched the sun go down from the top of the Empire State. Nothing could of prepared me for how windy it was going to be up there, but still amazing.

We were up really early on our first day because of the time difference, so we decided to take full advantage and go on a 10am boat trip to see Lady Lib. Again, very windy, but it was cool to see such an iconic landmark and I was feeding my inner tourist.

We then made our way to the Highline; an old railroad that had been turned into a park and walkway. It was a lovely way to see the city and escape the belligerent beeping and business of the roads. We walked until we reached Chelsea, as we wanted to visit the food market. This was a great place for lunch as it offered so much variety. We opted for a “Japanese inspired Mexican”, immediately followed by a crepe from the neighbouring stand—Nutella, obviously.

The highlight of this day was seeing the Friends apartment. Although the show wasn't actually filmed in New York, this is the building they used for the outside shots of the apartment. I am a huge Friends fan so this was a must for me and I was so excited to find it.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the city, hemorrhaging just enough money in Soho before settling on somewhere for dinner. We ended up going to Tacombi; a Mexican with a cool atmosphere and expensive tiny tacos.

We finished our evening laughing and drinking at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. I’d never been to a comedy show before, so the whole experience was new to me. The setting was cosy and intimate, and all the comedians we saw were hilarious. I’d highly recommend going if you're ever in New York; they have shows every night and the ticket prices are reasonably cheap in the week.

I love that first day of excitement you get when you’re exploring somewhere new, and this was definitely one of my favourite days. We both preferred Chelsea over Times Square (where we stayed), as it was much more chilled.I hope you enjoyed reading what I got up to on my first day in New York, and I look forward to sharing the rest of my trip with you.

Have you ever been to New York? Any recommendations on places I should visit if I ever go back?

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Becoming You

You're not alone if you don't know who you are or what you're doing.

Welcome to the quarter life crisis. I'm one of the millions of 20 something year old's who are currently involuntarily going through it. The annoying thing is, no one gives you any warning. All I'd ever heard about was the mid life crisis and then all of a sudden I'm having a quarter life crisis?  I suppose it's okay though because it's normal and I think most people go through it at some point. Still, it's hard not to press the self destruction button.

When I finished my A levels, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I spent the last three years working, and nothing was changing except my age. I was never fully happy because I felt like I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing, but I had no idea what it was I wanted to do. It was a very confusing and frustrating time; everyone around me seemed to be going to uni and furthering their careers, whilst I was still stuck in the same situations since my 18th. I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything, frequently asking myself ‘what am i doing with my life?’ I decided it was time to do something.

So if you're stuck in a rut, here's a few tips on kicking that self-loathing addiction:

I think a good starting point is to find your skills and talents and nurture them. What are you good at and what do you enjoy? Do more of what feels right for YOU. Sometimes other people may think they know what's best for you but only you can know what feels right. You have to be in control of your own choices and decisions. Spend some time each week putting time into what you love and you will start to feel happier and more motivated. Think about your strengths and weaknesses and what you’re passionate about. This can take time, some people may figure things out quickly and others may take more time, but don’t be thrown off if it takes a while for you to figure things out.

One thing I personally struggle with is deciding on one thing to concentrate on and pursue, I feel I have too many interests that I can’t commit to just one and instead end up doing nothing at all. So now I put time and effort into all my interests and try to further and develop my skills in everything I love. Don’t feel pressured into chasing just one goal if you have a few, otherwise you could be preventing yourself from doing anything at all.

Embrace jealousy. When we see someone doing what they love and becoming successful at it we cant help but feel jealous. I think sometimes we spend so much time obsessing over someone else's life that we forget to concentrate on our own. All that wasted energy spent drooling over someones instagram could be put into pursuing our own goals. The difference between you and these successful people is that that they concentrated on themselves and believed they could do it. So instead of being jealous of someone elses success, be inspired by it. Everyone has to start somewhere so let the success of someone doing what they love inspire you to start doing the same.

Set achievable goals. You’re never going to get where you want to be overnight and I think this is where a lot of us lose our motivation. Sometimes the bigger picture can seem so far out of reach that we end up doing nothing because we think its unachievable. So instead set yourself small, achievable goals that all go towards that bigger picture. This will help keep you motivated and stop yourself from giving up.
Stop making excuses for yourself and why you can't do things. I was the worlds worst person for doing this, my favourite was 'I'm not good enough' but how do we know that unless we try and push ourselves to be good enough. It's so easy to come up with reasons as to why you can't do things or be the person you want to be, but this leads to nothing. You will never progress or achieve the things you want if you constantly make excuses as to why you can't. However, if you start believing in yourself and believing you can do things you will start feeling better in yourself and you will start to become more motivated.

I’m not necessarily where I want to be but I’m much happier now that I am doing things I enjoy, things that I think I’m good at. The way I see it is we have one life and it's up to ourselves to decide how to live it to its full potential. It can be hard to figure out what you want to do with your life but even if you don't have a clear plan, which I definitely don't, just do what feels right for you. Start to become the person you want to be and taking small steps towards the bigger goal. Over time what you want may change your ideas and views might change but as long as you keep doing you, you can’t really go wrong.

A guide to: Prague in three days

Day 1 Explore

I always think it's a good idea spending the first day exploring. I'd recommend doing a Segaway tour. If you haven't done it before go early in the morning when its a little quieter to avoid knocking someone off their feet. It's such a fun and quick way to see a lot the city and give yourself a better idea of the layout. The guide will also give you some information on different buildings and areas so it's a good way to learn about the city and its history. There where companies offering these tours everywhere in Prague so you could just book one once you are there.

Visit Wencellas square and Old Town Square. These are the two main squares in Prague, they are only a ten minute walk away from each other but are both completely different. Wencellas square is full of shops and restaurants, there is also a museum right at the top. Old Town square is a lot more quaint with lots of little side streets and cosy restaurants. You can also get a horse and carriage ride from here and see more of the city.

Day 2 Be a tourist

Prague offers so many beautiful sights and these are only a few places you could visit:

-The Astronomical clock in old town square.

- Charles Bridge - The bridge is beautiful to visit at night as you get an amazing view of the river and the city all lit up.

- Prague castle - The walk up there its self is lovely, and you can see the whole of the city below once you get there. Here you can also see the St. Vitus Cathedral, an amazing Gothic looking building which is definitely worth a look inside for the beautiful stained glass windows.

- The old Jewish quarters - One of the oldest surviving Jewish burial grounds in the world.

I'd recommend starting at Wencellas  square and make your way towards the castle through Old Town, where you can see the clock, onto Charles Bridge for great photo opportunities and up to the castle grounds. It's easy to walk to all of these places and I'd highly recommend you do as the city is so beautiful.

End the day with a beer tour, this is a must if you're looking for a good time. Prague is also famous for it's cheap beer so it would be a shame to go all the way there and not try some. I booked one online before I left and it was pretty cheap, the price also included three drinks. It's a really fun way to visit some traditional Czech pubs, sample some of the local beers and meet new people. We had the best time on our tour and ended up staying out after it with two people that we met in our group.

 Day 3 Relax and do some shopping

Have a relaxing day. Walking around a city all day can get very tiring so I always think it's nice to spend the last day a little more relaxed. Old Town square was full of restaurants with outdoor seating where you could sit next to a fire and enjoy a drink. So grab a hot chocolate (they're really amazing in Prague) and spend some time people watching. Also make sure to try a traditional Czech pastry, my favourite was a trdelnik (ask for it with Nutella) so yummy!

Prague is so cheap so you might find yourself left with quite a bit of money so it's the perfect excuse to do a little shopping. There is a great little shopping centre not far from Old Town Square called Palladium, it had so many shops including a Sephora which I was very excited about. Wencelass square is also a good place for shops and again there is another Sephora, my boyfriend just didn't understand how I could go in and out of the same shop so many times in one day.

Finish you trip with a few cocktails. My favourite bar in Prague was the Hemingway Bar. The cocktails where amazing and it had such a cosy atmosphere inside. It's pretty hidden so make sure to google maps it on your way.

So that's my little guide of a few things you could do in Prague and I hope it helps some of you. I didn't want to recommend too many places because I think part of the fun of going away is getting lost and it's really exciting when you discover new places on your own that you've never heard of before.

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Preparing for a uni interview

On Thursday I attended my first ever university interview and I was honestly dreading it all week. I was being interviewed for a Graphic Design and Illustration course so I spent most of the week getting my portfolio ready and trying to make myself as prepared as I could be. The interview itself was a lot less scary than I had expected it to be; more of a casual conversation than the firm grilling I had envisioned in my head.

I'm sure there is a lot of you attending various interviews and it can be quite scary, especially if you have never attended one before. So I thought I'd share with you a few tips on what helped me prepare for mine.

1. Check the university website for information on your interview. This is where I found the address, what I was supposed to bring with me and information on how the interview would plan out. It even gave a rough idea on what I could be asked, so I was able to plan some things I could talk about.

2. Do some research into the course. It's good to refresh your memory on that particular course you are being interviewed for, this way you can tell them what it was that appealed to you and have a few questions prepared to ask them which will help show your interest.

3. Write notes on possible things you could talk about. For me I listed some strengths and weaknesses I have shown throughout my current course and what I have learned so far. I made notes on various pieces of work, how I got my ideas, who inspired me and how I created it etc. They like to get an idea of who you are and learn more about you, so perhaps think of some interests you have aside from the subject you're applying for. Also think about what it is you hope to benefit from the course and what skills you want to develop further. This way you will already have a few ideas of what you could talk about.

4. Speak to someone who has had a similar interview. If you don't know anyone you can look for threads on the Student Room relating to a similar course you're applying for. This might help give some insight into what they're looking for and what you could be asked, so you can prepare yourself a little better.

5.Be positive and try not to over think it. Worrying about it will just cause you stress and make you feel even more anxious. Whereas, it's better to go into the interview feeling calm and confident. If you're like me and do get anxious and nervous before an interview just act like you are confident and it will actually make you feel more confident. I do this in all situations where I get nervous and it really does work. Most of the time they just want to know more about you, and you can't really go wrong talking about yourself. So, show them how amazing you are and remember that it's never as bad as you expect it to be.

So they are the few things that helped me and  I hope they can help some of you to feel more prepared and confident for your interview.

My thoughts on social media and popular culture

For my recent art project my brief was to look into popular culture of today. I decided to focus on how it has changed and the possible decline of popular culture through the growth of social media. By definition, popular culture requires that the majority be engaged in it, practising it and consuming it, thereby making it popular.

Today, social media is popular culture and is used by the majority of people, it's because of this that it has the ability to influence our lives, from the way we dress, the way we speak and how we act. We are constantly being faced with the pressure of conforming to social trends that are presented to us everyday, through various social media platforms. I'll put my hands up and admit that I'm squatting my days away to get that sought after big booty, and I spend a good ten minutes on my eyebrows to ensure that they’re ''on fleek" but am I doing it for myself or because I know it's what is socially popular right now?

I feel that today's generation might feel more inclined to enjoy the same things because they are shown to us through social media and considered to be on trend, and perhaps some of what is popular today is only because of that pressure to conform with the majority.  It makes me wonder if I had avocado on toast for breakfast because I wanted to or because I knew it would make a great Instagram picture? It even effects the way we speak, with words such as bae, on fleek, hair goals, body goals, eyebrow goals brunch goals, what about our own personal goals? Are we becoming too busy trying to become like everyone else, trying to become what is considered to be socially popular at that moment, that we’re holding back from becoming our real selves? I'm guilty of this, I'm sure a lot of us are but why do we crave that approval from others, why do I need someone else to tell me I look good just to feel good?

I do believe the quality of popular culture is slowly declining due to the vast amount of content we see everyday on social platforms. With the recent loss of David Bowie I was constantly hearing how he was an icon, a legend loved and adored by people of all ages and seen as a huge influence in the music and fashion industry. It made me wonder whether today, celebrities, singers, actors will also be seen as massive icons not only by our generation but the next generation to come. Are they going to love those we adore today the same way we also love who our parents adored? We have access to anything and everything at just a few clicks away, meaning our interests are more likely to change more often and what we love one week we hate the next. So is it possible that we are faced with too much popular culture for us to love and adore that we just don't bother as much as our parents would have?

Of course there’s nothing wrong with using social media, we all do and it’s become a big part of every ones life, it’s how we communicate, make plans, share memories and can bring amazing opportunities. We are all without a doubt consumed by social media, and through this we have the ability to share, like, comment on anything we want whether that be a cause, an opinion or something that made us laugh. This means we can give anything a voice...if it has enough likes. We've somehow given ourselves the power to change peoples opinions and the way they think. We can bring light to certain issues, educate people, encourage people instead of destroying them, hurting them and looking down on them. Most of us use social media and I personally enjoy using it as way to reach out and interact with people, and whilst I can see the bad it can cause I can also see the good and I hope to continue using it in a positive way.

Prague in photos

Back in November me and boyfriend decided to jet off to Prague for a few days for a little break. It's a city I was hearing more and more about and with its gothic buildings, cheap beer and lots to see I can definitely see why it's becoming a popular place to visit. We both loved this city a lot more than we expected to and had such a good time there, doing as much as we could in the time we had.

For the three nights we were there, we stayed in the lovely Jalta boutique Hotel. It was situated on Wenceslas square, one of Prague's two main squares, the other being Old Town. It's a lot bigger and busier than Old Town square, filled with lots of shops and restaurants, but I liked being in the hustle and bustle of it all. It was also in walking distance from most places we wanted to see and less than a 10 minute walk from Old Town square.

On our first day there we were enticed into doing a Segway tour. It wasn't something I was particular interested in but my boyfriend was desperate to have a go, so we did and I had a lot more fun than I'd like to admit. It only took me five minutes before I felt like a pro and was hitting speed whizzing around the streets. It was a great way to get around the city and gave us a rough idea of the layout, so for the rest of the trip we had a better idea of where we were going.

I always prefer seeing a place by foot as I feel it allows you to experience it better and you see so much more. So after snooping around the Christmas markets, absorbing the busy atmosphere and sampling some yummy food (I recommend trying a Trdelnik with Nutella) we started making our way towards Charles Bridge. The bridge itself is beautiful, with lots of striking statues and certain parts supposedly bringing you good luck if you touch it. You also get a nice view of the river and the town so it offers lots of good photo opportunities.


We continued our way over the bridge and walked through the colourful cobbled streets up towards the castle. It was quite a long walk and steep at times but once at that top we were greeted by an amazing view of the whole city. 

We spent some time walking around the castle grounds and took a look inside the cathedral. The cathedral was beautiful and I'm a sucker for some good architecture. I loved its gothic look on the outside and its beautiful stained glass windows.

The walk back from the castle was beautiful, it was dark at this point so it was a lovely way to see the city all lit up. After taking a few snaps we decided we needed to warm up so made a stop to the Hemingway Bar.

Tucked down a little side street, this old style bar offered up an array of delicious sounding cocktails. I was spoiled for choice and wanted to try them all. Unfortunately I couldn't burden David with the task of carrying me all the way back to the hotel, so I had our waiter pick me a few he thought I'd enjoy...and I did. I loved the warm cosy atmosphere in this bar, a nice contrast to being out in the cold all day. The staff here were lovely and it was all table service which added to the whole experience. I'd definitely recommend visiting here as the cocktails where amazing and not too expensive which is a plus. 

It was such a lovely trip and I couldn't of asked for a better time. I have a Prague Guide post coming very soon and hopefully a video of my trip too.

Anyone planning a trip to this beautiful city anytime soon?

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