A guide to: Prague in three days

Day 1 Explore

I always think it's a good idea spending the first day exploring. I'd recommend doing a Segaway tour. If you haven't done it before go early in the morning when its a little quieter to avoid knocking someone off their feet. It's such a fun and quick way to see a lot the city and give yourself a better idea of the layout. The guide will also give you some information on different buildings and areas so it's a good way to learn about the city and its history. There where companies offering these tours everywhere in Prague so you could just book one once you are there.

Visit Wencellas square and Old Town Square. These are the two main squares in Prague, they are only a ten minute walk away from each other but are both completely different. Wencellas square is full of shops and restaurants, there is also a museum right at the top. Old Town square is a lot more quaint with lots of little side streets and cosy restaurants. You can also get a horse and carriage ride from here and see more of the city.

Day 2 Be a tourist

Prague offers so many beautiful sights and these are only a few places you could visit:

-The Astronomical clock in old town square.

- Charles Bridge - The bridge is beautiful to visit at night as you get an amazing view of the river and the city all lit up.

- Prague castle - The walk up there its self is lovely, and you can see the whole of the city below once you get there. Here you can also see the St. Vitus Cathedral, an amazing Gothic looking building which is definitely worth a look inside for the beautiful stained glass windows.

- The old Jewish quarters - One of the oldest surviving Jewish burial grounds in the world.

I'd recommend starting at Wencellas  square and make your way towards the castle through Old Town, where you can see the clock, onto Charles Bridge for great photo opportunities and up to the castle grounds. It's easy to walk to all of these places and I'd highly recommend you do as the city is so beautiful.

End the day with a beer tour, this is a must if you're looking for a good time. Prague is also famous for it's cheap beer so it would be a shame to go all the way there and not try some. I booked one online before I left and it was pretty cheap, the price also included three drinks. It's a really fun way to visit some traditional Czech pubs, sample some of the local beers and meet new people. We had the best time on our tour and ended up staying out after it with two people that we met in our group.

 Day 3 Relax and do some shopping

Have a relaxing day. Walking around a city all day can get very tiring so I always think it's nice to spend the last day a little more relaxed. Old Town square was full of restaurants with outdoor seating where you could sit next to a fire and enjoy a drink. So grab a hot chocolate (they're really amazing in Prague) and spend some time people watching. Also make sure to try a traditional Czech pastry, my favourite was a trdelnik (ask for it with Nutella) so yummy!

Prague is so cheap so you might find yourself left with quite a bit of money so it's the perfect excuse to do a little shopping. There is a great little shopping centre not far from Old Town Square called Palladium, it had so many shops including a Sephora which I was very excited about. Wencelass square is also a good place for shops and again there is another Sephora, my boyfriend just didn't understand how I could go in and out of the same shop so many times in one day.

Finish you trip with a few cocktails. My favourite bar in Prague was the Hemingway Bar. The cocktails where amazing and it had such a cosy atmosphere inside. It's pretty hidden so make sure to google maps it on your way.

So that's my little guide of a few things you could do in Prague and I hope it helps some of you. I didn't want to recommend too many places because I think part of the fun of going away is getting lost and it's really exciting when you discover new places on your own that you've never heard of before.

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