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I noticed, that I hadn't really introduced myself or my blog. So I thought it would be nice to write a post on who I am and what my blog is about. I'm always very mentally active late at night. I seem to go off on a rant in my head and begin filling up the notes section of my phone. It's that stuff that I like to write about. Things that are actually on mind, that I'm genuinely interested in and thinking about. So sometimes my posts might seem a little rambly or not really about anything at all, but that's because I'm just writing what I'm thinking about.

In real life we don't have time to go back and edit our conversations or make ourselves sound smarter or more interesting. We just talk. That's why I try and keep my posts simple. No fancy words. Just talk. I want it to feel like a real conversation. I want it to feel like I'm just talking to you because I am, just talking to you. Like I would a friend.

I'm not blogging to appeal to the masses, I've tried that. I want to blog about my own opinions and thoughts, whilst trying carefully not to offend anyone (is that even possible these days?). Hopefully along the way I will find like minded people who share the same interests and ideas. People who are interested in reading what I wrote and want to share their thoughts with me too.

I used to write a beauty blog and honestly found it so boring. I wasn't blogging for me, I was blogging what I knew would appeal to most people but finding more than 20 words to describe my nail varnish was bloody hard. Although I do enjoy beauty and fashion I just didn't care enough to write about it.

Over the years I've become a lot less materialistic. I'd rather watch a Ted video than a makeup tutorial. I'd rather educate myself on real issues, understand the world around me instead of knowing the contents of someones bag.

I love coming across people today who have their own opinion and who view the world as an individual as opposed to conforming with everybody else. This is sort of what I want my blog to be about. A way to document my thoughts and experiences, a way to share what I learn and hopefully better myself along the way.

Welcome to my blog.

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