New York: Day 3/4

It's been two months now since I got back from New York and finally I'm writing about my last days there. It actually rained the final two days of my trip so they weren't as exciting as the previous days. Walking around in the rain makes it hard to take in the surroundings when having to profusely blink the water out my eyes, so on the third day we ended up sat in a bar at 2pm drinking cocktails. We waited for the rain to stop. It didn't. But that was okay because the cocktails where good and I made it quite far down their menu.

The morning was a little brighter though and after managing a good quarter of my pancake stack at Bubbys Highline we headed to a pet shop that was filled with puppies. Now let me start by saying I've never had a dog nor have I ever played with a real life puppy, so for me this was the equivalent of going to Disneyland or someplace as equally exciting.

After hovering around the shop for a good 45 minutes someone finally asked if I'd like to play with one. At that point I was reaching levels of excitement I didn't know existed. When they placed that baby Frenchie on my lap I fell in love straight away and although they shipped to England I just didn't have $5000 on me at that time. So after a lot of cuddles and tummy tickles I gave him back.

On our final day we went to the American history museum, which we had saved for the last day as we knew it would be raining. The museum itself is free but we paid to go to all the exhibitions which were all so interesting, especially the space one. It's so big you could spend hours walking around it and getting lost, which we did. I tried to linger around the gift shops towards the end of the day in the hopes we might "accidentally" miss our flight and have to stay another night. We made it to the airport on time though and slept the whole way home. Accept for when the food came.

It was definitely the most exciting trip of my life and I wish I was going again. Hopefully one day soon!

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